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Butterscotch Heaven

Within days this filly's nickname was selected! Nessie (Loche Ness Monster), has been entertaining us since day one (born May 27, 2008).

A buttermilk buckskin--Flashy!


Grable has semi-retired from the show ring in 2006 as he was diagnosed with ringbone in November. He'll forever be the farm horse for trail rides and the occasional pleasure show outing as his arthritis allows. But don't let this news make you think he's slowed down any!

We said good-bye to our baby girl in July 2006.  A heart-breaking accident took Frenchie from us just 14 months after we celebrated her appearance.  Her Uncle Ted (Sir Teddy Moon) went peacefully with her.  After 36 years, Ted will forever be with the baby he helped raise to a beautiful and curious yearling.  We miss them both dearly.

In Loving Memory

Frenchie Will Disco (Frenchie)

Sir Teddy Moon (Ted)